Muddy Buddy Waterproof Coveralls by T.U.F.F.O

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I bought a pair of TUFFO coveralls for Liza to wear in the rain.  The first time she put them on, she had such a great time splashing in all the puddles she could find, and she stayed completely dry.  I ordered a second pair for when she gets bigger that same day.  Its been a couple of weeks now, and I do not fear rainy days any more.  We go out in the rain, as long as its not heavy, and she can slide, jump, run and even fall in the puddle and not get wet.  Those coveralls made our outings together a lot more enjoyable and relaxing.  I don’t tell her not to do something or go somewhere just because its wet, like I used to do.  The coveralls go over any type of clothing and are easy to put on and take off in a heartbeat.  Also, they do not take up any space, very convenient to carry in a bag or even in a pocket.  The complete description of this product is below:

Tuffo Muddy Buddy waterproof coveralls are for year round play. These unique waterproof coveralls offer toddlers full body coverage and protection from the rain and elements. Kids can wear them outdoors to keep clean and dry in the rain and dirt or indoors for messy arts and craft. They are lightweight and breathable so kids stay comfortable. Features

  • Generous fit allows for layering of clothing and easy movement
  • Reinforced with extra heavyweight nylon for seat and knees
  • Elasticized hood with brim to shed water
  • All seams are sealed and completely waterproof
  • Elasticized wrist and ankle cuffs fit over mitts & boots
  • Machine washable in cold water hang to dry
  • Made of nylon



Baby Center Website

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This is a great collection of resources for all parents and parents-to-be to obtain useful information on pregnancy, birth and child-rearing (through teenage years).  There are online clubs and bulletin boards, free to join and open to all, from photography to money-saving club and, of coarse, all aspects of child care .

BPA-Free Products

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This is a great portal with the latest updates about dangers of bpa with links to companies making bpa-free products: .  I found all Liza’s cups, plates and bowls throught this portal. 

Liza’s best friend Alexandra

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Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light

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My husband did the initial research on this night light. At first, there was only a turtle available, so we bought the turtle. Liza did not like it much at first, the lights were kind of bright. But, as she got a bit older, closer to her second birthday, she really got into it and that is when it happened, the turtle stopped working. Our not-so-little child dropped in on the floor and fell on top of it, wrestler-style. I went onto trusty to look for another turtle, and found this adorable lady bug instead. Two days later, Liza had it in her room and was as happy with it, as she was with her turtle.
There are three color options: blue, green, and amber. I like green the most, but Liza likes them all. She is a bit too young still to learn about all of the constellations, but when she is a bit older, we will teach her to recognize them. The ladybug is cuddly enough to bring to bed, and shuts off after 45 minutes, which gives plenty of time for our Liza to fall asleep.

KidiJamz Studio by Vtech

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KidiJamz is an interactive music station with great many features our Liza can’t use yet, but we still got it for her. It was an instant hit. Our Liza is almost two years old and she a pretty smart cookie. She quickly learned how to mix music and change music styles, which include jazz, hip-hop, reggae, techno and rock. There are 20 songs to choose with one push of a button, and there is something for every child. There are 10 different musical instrumental sounds (including alien), and three rhythm buttons. Also, Liza learned how to use the microphone and now loves to sing her ABC song (among others) nice and loud. Good thing there is a microphone volume control . The keyboard lights up and there is a musical scratching disc, which changes its effects with every music style. When Liza gets a little older, she can learn how to play all the songs with the follow-along light feature. The correct keys light up, showing how to play every one of the 20 songs. Both I and my husband have a great time playing with this music station as well. Truly, there is something for everyone to enjoy.



Nelson Hat (Balaclava), Child by LANACare

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This is a great wool hat for winter time. It is made of two layers of untreated organic merino wool and is waterproof. The hat is very soft, fits well, and covers both the chest and back, which means there is no need for a scarf. Liza looks so cute and cozy in it, she reminds me of a fuzzy baby chick. The wool does not itch at all, and there is plenty of room for growth. The size I got for Liza was 2-5 years, but other sizes are available. The hat comes in two colors: white and gray. Since wool products are not supposed to be washed too much, I have chosen a gray color, because it is a more practical one for Liza, who is into everything and seeks out all the dirty places around. There is also a special soap with lanolin available, to help restore the waterproof feature of the balaclava.


Latest photo of Liza

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Our baby is a big girl now.  Its hard to believe how time flies.  Not too long ago, we her first step and said her first word.  Now, she says two-word sentences and loves to use her flashlight to find leafs in the park.  She loves aiplanes, the moon, and, lately, subway trains, waiving and greeting them as they pass by.  We are amazed by her development and her sweet, charming self every  moment.  

Latest Photo of Liza

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It was taken on 09/14/08 at our playground, at night.

Fridge DJ Magnetic Learning Radio by LeapFrog

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This toy is great for both learning and entertainment.  It has songs describing numbers 1-20, days of the week, the alphabet and 5 popular tunes without words (“Old MacDonald”, “Take me out to the Ball Game”, “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Pop Goes the Weasel”).  Liza loves the alphabet song.  This radio has two: lower case and upper case letter songs; she enjoys dancing to them both.  There are 3 learning modes: letter, number and classic (13 songs total).  The LED screen displays unique characters in response to each song.  It can be placed on the refrigerator as a magnet.  Liza prefers to carry it from room to room.  An excellent purchase!  Its a joy seeing Liza bobbing up and down to the beat of this cool radio.

Liza Opens a Door With a Magnetic Key

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Liza is holding a magnetic key Read the rest of this entry »

Liza’s Dance Moves

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“Itsy Bitsy Spider”Liza’s Version of “Staying Alive”“If you are happy and you know it, stamp your feet…\Exiting the StageExiting the Stage 

Toddler Learning Laptop by Small World Toys

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 Liza is 1 year and 6 months now. 

During our recent visit to a baby store, we picked out a random toy to entertain our Liza while we shop.  Well, she liked it a lot and we bought it.  It is a colorful little laptop, packed with lots of great activities, sounds and lights.  There are four instrument sounds (piano, violin, base and saxophone), four cute animals and birds who make animal/bird noises, and big, colorful buttons for Liza to press and match to the laptop screen.  There is a realistic mouse, which makes sounds when touched. Age: 18 months+

Liza did her little hand-dance while listening to piano and violin, and since she really enjoys pressing all kinds of buttons, she had a great time doing it over and over and over.  It was an unexpected, but great, purchase for us and for Liza. 


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Playmobil’s 1.2.3 line of products is perfect for Liza.  My husband was the one who discovered their products and we were wowed.  The first set we got was the Fishing Boat with Whale, for bath time.  Liza liked it, and her papa was happy (since he is the one who is bathing her).  We went to check out their website and WOW!  There are a lot of wonderful little sets, with different animals, people, houses, trees and vehicles for babies under 2 years of age.  All made with safe materials (with all plastic and paint scares out there, we are being careful with everything).  All sets are super affordable and include a lot of pieces – an irresistible combination.  I had to limit myself and decide what to buy and what not to buy.  It was super hard to choose just few, when all of them are so wonderful.  I chose a Circus Puzzle (comes with 2 clowns, a horse, a ladder, a little doggie, a barrel and a cloud), Zoo and Zoo Veterinarian sets, and a Summer Meadow set.  Liza enjoys all of them.  We decided to give her one animal at a time, so she can learn the name of each one without being overwhelmed.  So far, she plays with the elephant and a crocodile.  As soon as she saw the elephant, she called him “Nose”.  We found it very funny. 

Play Town by Learning Curve

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Our baby girl is 1 year and 5 months old now.  How time flies. 

We bought Liza’s first Play Town House (it came with a family of 3 and furniture) without really researching it (and I love to do research before buying anything). Age range - 12 months and up.  The main reason why we purchased it was because it looked sturdy, mostly made of real wood.  It turned out to be an instant hit with our Liza.  She loves her “Momma”, “Papa” and “Baby” dolls.  She kisses all of them, puts baby doll in the crib, rocks him to sleep.  And Liza takes her dolls everywhere with her, to every playground she visits.  Sometimes she grabs some furniture pieces too; it is all up to her.  Wooden little dolls are practically indestructible, and are perfect for very small hands to hold.  Liza’s little friends love those dolls.  Other parents have asked me, on a number of occasions, about the company and the dolls.  We were so happy with our purchase, our Liza now has Play Town Veterinarian office with a doctor and both kitty/doggy, a school bus with a driver and student; a princess carriage with a horse and a princess; a cop/robber set.  Liza loves all of them.  She throws them on the floor, dunks them in water, rides over them with other toys and, still, they are in perfect condition.   There are so many other characters in Play Town we did not buy yet.  But I have a hunch we will, and soon. 

Bugaboo Cameleon

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I can only say I wish I was riding in Bugaboo.  It is a dream stroller.  It does come apart in two parts (seat and base) and it’s a bit of a pain to travel by car with it.  But what sweet pain it is.  Liza is so cozy and comfy in it.  It steers like a dream. Everyone who tried it tells us the same thing: steering feels so light and easy, not tiring at all.  We take it with us to the malls, parks, beaches, or just stroll in the city.  Our baby took countless naps in this stroller, and typically she stays asleep for at least 2 hours, wherever we are (as long as we are not in a very noisy environment).  We bough Bugaboo before Liza was born and I could not wait to start using it.  At first, we used it with a Graco car seat (there is an attachment we purchased for it from Bugaboo).  It was extremely convenient for us.  We would take sleeping Liza from the stroller in her car seat and put her in the car (in the car there was an attached base).  After she turned one year old, we switched to regular Bugaboo seat.  It has 3 positions – upright, semi-recline and it fully reclines for sleeping.  It also comes with a rain cover and a mosquito net.  We have yet to use the net, but the rain cover comes in handy all the time.  We even used it with our umbrella stroller and the cover worked very well with that stroller too.  The under-seat basket is very roomy.  I go shopping almost every day and fill it up to the top.  I am yet to carry anything in my hands, and I buy a lot.  My husband worries sometimes that the basket would not hold up to the kind of strain I place on it, but it is very well made and has not let me down yet.  I also bought a separate hood for the summer with mesh vents in it, a cup holder (also sold separately), an umbrella and a UV protector screen (it covers Liza completely, so the sun does not touch any part of her body, but it does look a bit weird – like she is in a futuristic capsule).  I also have a winter cocoon and our baby stayed warm on her daily walks this past winter – it is very handy indeed. 

We used Bugaboo every day for the last 16 months and the wheels do not show any extensive wear and tear.  I may even save it for the second child, after Liza is done with it.  I am writing so much about this, because I would not trade our Bugaboo for anything else!!!  It’s truly an awesome stroller.

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I love shopping through   It took me a while to really understand just how great and convenient Amazon website is.  Most of the time I find the best deals on Liza’s toys, shoes,  books and items for ourselves. With free shipping on a lot of those items, I can really end up with great savings.  And in today’s world, saving money is not a bad idea.  A short while ago, I purchased Stride Rite shoes for Liza for just $15 a pair (their regular price, even right now, is $45-$48).  I was very pleased with myself for finding such a great bargain.  I check Amazon every day for great deals for items we need.  I also like that I can save items in my cart, and the cart is regularly updated with the latest prices.  If an item went down in price in the last few days, my cart would be automatically updated with the lowest price.  I find this feature super convenient.  I also have wish lists and items I find and save for later purchase.  I find almost everything I need through Amazon.  I trust Amazon to only advertise credible resellers.  Its nice to have a piece of mind, when it comes to ordering items online. 

Hada the Hippo by Zoobie Pets

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I was looking for a pillow for Liza.  Found Zoobie Pets 3-in-1 Plush Toys.  Each pet is not only a plush toy, but is also a pillow as well as a soft, cozy blanket. I fell in love with them instantly and my only wish was for Liza to love them as well.  After spending half a day picking out a pet I thought Liza would like the most, I settled on Hada the Hippo.  She seemed squishy, cuddly, soft and very girly pink.  When we showed it to Liza for the first time, she grabbed it and hugged it.  She could not stop giggling and saying “WOW, WOW”.  I mostly use it as a pillow for her, leaving it on the floor.  When Liza feels like she needs a quite moment, she lays her head on Hada the Hippo pillow.  I used it as a blanket several times as well.  And it’s a very nice, soft throw – just right for a small child to be completely covered by it.  But I really needed a fun pillow for Liza, so we use it mainly for that purpose. 


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Kindle is an awesome gadget!  You can listen to music, read books and magazines on the go, and view photos too.  I am an avid book reader, and Kindle greatly entertains me wherever I am.   I love to cuddle up with it when Liza is sleeping.  If I am bored with a book, I can purchase a new one right away. It is very important for a mommy with limited free time.  And I can catch up with the news by buying the latest newspapers and magazines.  There is no glare from the light, so it’s easy to read. The selection of the books is huge!   Everyone can find something they would enjoy reading.  I know I did.  I am a fan of Dean Koontz and James Patterson.  I found all the books I wanted to read in the Kindle Book section.  It’s a fun device to have and I am sure it will be a hit with any parent and/or book lover. 

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

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This cube is colorful, easy for toddlers to use, has a combination of five instruments - harp, French horn, piano, flute, and violin; it plays eight Mozart tunes.

Our little Liza is growing so fast.  She is already 1 year and 3 months old.  And Liza loves to dance.  She carries her cube everywhere with her.  She chooses an instrument (piano and harp are her favorite), raises her arms and dances away.  I love watching her move around with the music.  She switches instruments on and off at will, and changes tunes to compliment her mood at that moment. The sound is loud enough for her, but not too loud for us. When it comes to introducing classical music and musical instruments to Liza, I believe this cube to be one of the best purchases we made so far.  I am yet to find something I would be more impressed with.  Liza has this cube for 6 months or so and is not showing any signs of being bored with it. 

Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Video Monitor

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We have purchased this monitor after running into Liza’s room every 2 minutes for the first 4 months of her life.  It was exhausting, and half of the time we would wake her up while running in to check on her.  Buying this monitor was life-changing event for us. Now, we can’t imagine our life without it.  We can see Liza during her naps and at night, very clearly.  The camera unit has a nice microphone that actually picks up her breathing.  We can see when she wakes up and go to her before she starts fussing.  The monitor does have some interference from surrounding electronic equipment, but its minor and occurs infrequently.  Overall, we love our monitor, and will continue on using it for years to come.

Unisar AngelCare AC201 Baby Movement Sensor with Nursery Sound Monitor

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It’s simply great!  We turned it on when Liza began sleeping in the crib.  I have the ticking sound off, so it only flashes green and only sounds as an alarm.   We had a few false alarms during the year, but I adjusted the sensitivity and this took care of most of them.   But, honestly, I would rather have an occasional false alarm.  The monitor is well worth the money.  In fact, I would pay a lot more for it now, knowing the kind of peace it brings me at night.  I thought I would be the kind of new mom, who would stand over my baby, constantly checking for breathing.  But after a few days, I gave this up, because I trusted the monitor to do its job.  10 months and counting and still both my husband and I have some measure of calm.

Millie Moo Touch and Feel Picture Book

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This book is by Roger Priddy.  This is a great book!!!  The story is about a cow, Millie Moo, searching for her friends, barn animals.  As she searches, she finds interesting characters along the way (a monkey in a sweater, a bear in a tutu, a multi-colored zebra and a bug in boots - to name a few). There is a touch and feel circle on every page.  Some are fuzzy, some smooth, all colorful and fun.  Every character in this book sparkles with life and unique personality.  Liza loves this book (and she is only nine months old).  She bats at the characters, feels the circles (her favorites are the fuzzy ones), and loves to point out the little details she especially likes about each character with her finger.  I read her the story too, it is repetitive enough for her to start recognizing some of the words already.  I will buy more books by the same author as Liza grows.  He is great!

Baby Einstein

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We love Baby Einstein videos, especially Baby Mozart and Baby Van Gogh.  Liza loves her little puppet friends. When she sees them, she waives her hands and laughs (its very cute).  I point things out to her from the screen and also name the puppets (monkey, etc.).  I am planning to collect all the DVDs as Liza grows so she can continue to enjoy meeting her friends and learning new things.  We also have some audio CDs with lullabies and some play music.  Liza gets so quite and still, when she hears this music.  Also, I played the lullabies to her while I was pregnant.  Baby would first become very still inside me, and then start moving around.  Maybe it was a coincidence, now we will never know.  But I firmly believe she loves music because of me playing Baby Einstein lullabies.  I like how the CDs sound.  It’s a remake of all popular classical pieces, and the music sounds a little bit higher in pitch, so babies would are more receptive to it.  And we also bought some Baby Einstein puppets from Buy Buy Baby.  Liza especially love her yellow duckling who we named “Peaches”.  She giggles so hard every time he comes for a visit.  They love to play picaboo together.  I am planning to collect all the DVDs as Liza grows so she can continue to enjoy meeting her friends and learning new things. 

Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker

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The rocker is has an adjustable recline.  At first we put Liza in the lower position for sleeping and for play, because it felt safer that way. As she grew, I adjusted the chair to a higher position, so she can sit up more.  A removable toy bar provides 2 colorful plastic toys for Liza’s entertainment - a puppy with music (Liza has to pull on in) and a kitty with a spinning ball of yarn.  One additional (removable) toy bird stands on the side of the rocker, and detaches for take-along play. As Liza grows even more, we will remove the toy bar and there is also an option to remove the rocker supports, so it can become either a rocking chair or a stationary seat.  And the best part of this chair is the soothing vibration mode.  We switch on the vibration in the evenings to calm her down before bed.  The colors are very pretty as well, and are suitable for either a boy or a girl.  I like that the rocker grows with Liza and she can enjoy is for a few years to come.  Liza looks very cute, sitting in her chair and reading baby books, she looks so grown up.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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This was a complete hit with Liza.  She loved it from the moment we tested it in the store.  She would jump up and down for as long as we would let her be in it, singing songs in tune to the music.  The jumperoo has a 360º spinning seat, an elephant, a swinging monkey, a spinning lizard and a drum which Liza had to spin to activate lights & music.  It has a 3-position height adjustment.  The only regret I have about this activity center is that we did not buy it sooner.  We had to give it up in just two short months, because Liza reached height restriction and we had to pack it away.  I wish we would have bought it at least 1 month sooner.  It brought our Liza hours and hours of pure joy.

Meet Liza Neftin

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Fisher Price Rain Forest high chair

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The chair has very nice bright colors. Its very easy to clean, comes with awesome little center with a few toys, lights and music and one additional tiger rattle toy, which is attached separately to a tray and is not removable.  The chair has three reclining positions, and a removable food tray.  We move the chair around the apartment, and take it with us when we visit our family.   Liza eats most of her meals in it and she always looks very comfy.  We put her in the chair during play time as well, and to watch videos.  This gives me a little time to do something away from her, and I know she is safe.  She loves to be in the position where she can see everything we do and she also loves to drop her toys from the chair.  Very nice high chair, reasonable price, and its easy to transport.  Liza loves it and we love it too.


Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

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Liza loves her exersaucer, she can play in it for longer then 30 minutes if I let her.  It has three different little musical centers, is very interactive, all activities are easy for a baby to figure out.  There are 3 removable little link toys and she loves waving them around after she removes them from the base.  Hopefully, soon she will also figure out how to attach them back.  Overall, the exersauser is packed with loads of bright toys which chime, crinkle, and rattle and has enough different melodies to keep Liza interested and she is never bored with them, at least not yet :).  The center does not take a lot of space, at least not as much as we thought it would when we purchased it.  And the height is adjustable. When Liza starts walking, we will convert the exersauser into a table (this beautiful option will let Liza enjoy her toys for at least a year or two) and she will walk along the table and play with her toys. I would buy it all over again any day.


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Genius is a website with great toys, great prices, and very reliable delivery.  There are toys for all ages, with great descriptions of each toy and what age it would be appropriate for.   I love that they post all the awards any given toy receives at any time.  It makes it easier to make a decision as there are so many wonderful toys out there.  The website is broken down into sections, which are very helpful to anyone looking for something specific.  I bought quite a few toys for Liza from this website.  One of the toys is the Amazing Baby Developmental Bear Blanket Teether.  It’s a colorful bear with many different textures for baby to explore. It crinkles, squeaks, has several teethers, and various textures.  This bear is very colorful.  Liza loves playing with it.  Her favorite is the crinkly body and the squeaky foot.   

Carter’s clothing

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I love all Carter’s clothing – its always a good fit (when we buy 6-9 months, Liza wears it for those three months – its very stretchy).  It’s very soft, withstands many washes and still manages to look great, and most of all they are very pretty clothes.  And I can remove most of the stains from it, which is important to me.  I spoke to other mommies and they agree – Carter’s clothing is great. 

Halo SleepSack

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Halo SleepSack – the best invention ever for all parents who worry about blankets and SIDS.  Using those wearable sacks instead of regular blankets helps reduce the risk of our precious little ones overheating and prevents re-breathing.  Thanks to those wearable blankets, Liza is warm both in winter and on cool summer nights.  And I sleep better at night, knowing there is nothing in the crib which can be a potential hazard to her.  The sacks are available in both cotton and fire-retardant polyester fabric.  There are also sleeper blankets with sleeves, but they are made by a different company, Kiddopotamus, and they are great as well.

Baby Gap and Old Navy

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Love, love, love Baby Gap and Old Navy clothing. Liza looks very comfy and stylish in them.  I find the best bargains for both stores online.  There are a lot of very nice things on sale all the time and their shipping charges are reasonable.